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Don’t let history repeat itself

South Asians For Human Rights, a regional network for human rights defenders, asked the Taliban to respect the rights of Afghan women, girls and children, including their right of work and education, as well as their right to access public space and to play a part in the government. In a September 8 statement, it urged the Taliban not to repeat history. The regional network highlighted the targeted attacks against women and girls, including journalists, rights defenders and journalists. It stated that it was "deeply worried" about the implications of Taliban rule in practice. "We reject alarmist and Islamophobic narratives from media outlets that reproduce tired tropes suggesting that It stated that Muslim women all over the world are oppressed and need'saviors'. "Nevertheless, due to the Taliban's past in Afghanistan, we are deeply worried that advances in the area of gender and sexual right, especially in relation to bodily integrity and autonomy, educ